Chalk Hill Media's Virtual Museum

Virtual Home Entertainment Museum

"Standard" 78 RPM Mechanical Phonograph

Philco "Cathedral" Superhetrodyne Radio

Airline "Trav-ler" Portable Radio

Zenith Portable AC/DC Radio

Webster Wire Recorder
"Electronic Memory"

Spartan "Blue Bird" Radio


Battery Operated Portable Phonograph


Bell & Howell 8mm Projector

Webcor Tape Recorder (C 1960)

RCA Tape Recorder (C 1961)

RCA "Variable Reluctance" Microphone for tape deck.

Zenith "TransOceanic" Portable Short-wave radio

Motorola 7" "Portable" TV (C 1953)

Admiral 7" TV (C 1952)
Almost identical circuitry as Motorola pictured above.

DuMont 5" Video Monitor

78 RPM Clock Motor Mechanism Turntable
manufacturer unknown

Seeburg 45 rpm "Stereo" Juke Box

Airline PA Amplifier


RCA Wire Recorder
The wires are housed in a removable cartridge which slides into a slot above the speaker grille

Delco AC-DC AM Table Radio
Featuring Push Button Tuning

Admiral AC-DC Radio (C 1954)


Detrola AM & Short-Wave Radio
Unusually pleasant "tone" especially considering it's in a metal Cabinet.


GE AM Clock Radio (C 1967)

RCA FM-AM Portable Radio
(C 1974)

RCA AM-FM Clock Radio
(C 1967)