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QX-FM is a local community based radio station.  Our first responsibility is to our local listeners. We love to broadcast news about your nonprofit organizations events. There is no charge.  We are happy to do it, but please take a moment to read these tips and suggestions to make your announcement more effective.

1.  You may submit your public Service Announcement in three ways:

By Email at kzqxfm@aol.com

By Fax at (903) 643-8272

By Mail: KZQX Radio, P.O. Box 1008, Kilgore, TX 75663

2.  All PSA Requests must be in writing.  We cannot accept the information over the phone, but you certainly may call us to ask questions, seek our advice or alert us to your request.  We are always happy to hear from you.  Phone:  903-643-7711  Our office hours are 9:30 AM until 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.  We are in and out at other times, but if you leave a message along with your phone number, we will be happy to call you back.

3.  Please send us a written description of your event that takes roughly 30 seconds to slowly read out loud. If you have a flyer or poster, you may include that too, but keep in mind that those things make our job much more difficult because we sometimes have to guess what you want us to say. It also puts your information at the bottom of the pile of items that have to be creatively written.  If you furnish us with copy that is ready to go, your spot will get on the air much sooner.

4.  Be sure to include the following information:

A..  What is your event?

B.  Where is your event?

C..  When is your event (Date and Times)

D.  Why should our listeners be interested?  (It's fun, it's for a good cause, the food is great, all of the above, etc.)

EWhat would you like our listeners to do?  Call you?  Drop by the ticket office?  Just show up?  Visit your web site?

You'd be surprised how many people leave out these important details. 

Experience tell us that it is best to zero in on a single "call to action."  A main call to action, followed up with a way to get more information (phone or web site) also works, but be careful to limit the choices to something that is easily remembered.  Many of our listeners are driving when they hear your spot.  They do not have the ability to write anything down and probably can't remember if the message is complicated. 

We have also found that listing a phone number or web site as the words of the last sentence of your spot makes it easier for people to remember.  If you ask them to call for information, be sure to pick JUST ONE phone number.  If you list multiple numbers, it merely confuses listeners.  The best bet is to pick one number and repeat it during your spot.

5. We need your copy roughly two weeks before your event.  If you send it too early, it may get lost in the shuffle of everyday business.  Unfortunately, we are only human.  Sometimes we've unearthed something at the bottom of a pile of papers on somebody's desk that should have been aired earlier. We hate it when that happens!

If you don't give us a couple of weeks to produce and run your spot, then you run the risk of it not getting enough exposure to do much good.  Radio is very effective when used properly.  Research tells us that radio listeners need to hear your spot at least ten times for it to become effective.

6.  How often will my spot run?

In an normal broadcast week, we have roughly 48 no-charge availabilities per day, or 336 availabilities per week. We usually have about 20-24 organizations per week who would like free air time.  That means your spot will run at least twice per day or 14 times per week. During slow seasons, it may run as much as twice that, or 4 times per day, 28 times per week.  During peak times like Christmas, Easter, most of the months of October and November, it could be less, but we try to accommodate everybody.

7.  Can we get more spots?  The answer is "yes" but we must charge for them.  We do offer a special half price rate for non-profits. A lot of organizations take advantage of this offer.  It is less expensive than you think and best of all, it works.  Please call our office at 903-643-7711 for complete details.

8.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  We want your event to be successful. We are here to help.

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